Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gold (and Black)... from Dan

When Griff dragged me towards Valentino on his red assignment and asked me what color I would like to photograph to join in on the fun, I replied that my color had not yet picked me. That is until we arrived and I came across the gold Valentino logo on the outside of the building with the faintest reflection of the Hancock building against the black background. The rest of the images jumped out at me in similar fashion for various reasons whether it be for depth of field, lighting, or humor in the case of taking a photo of the word camera. Although gold was the color I was intentionally photographing, black ended up appearing in all of my final selections.


  1. Dan those are wonderful!!! I love the story behind them too.

  2. LOL. P8057373 is a wonderful example of framing. 2 thumbs up!