Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gold (and Black)... from Dan

When Griff dragged me towards Valentino on his red assignment and asked me what color I would like to photograph to join in on the fun, I replied that my color had not yet picked me. That is until we arrived and I came across the gold Valentino logo on the outside of the building with the faintest reflection of the Hancock building against the black background. The rest of the images jumped out at me in similar fashion for various reasons whether it be for depth of field, lighting, or humor in the case of taking a photo of the word camera. Although gold was the color I was intentionally photographing, black ended up appearing in all of my final selections.

Seeing Red

When I thought of choosing a color, my first thought was the stunning windows of the Valentino boutique on Boston's fabulous Newbury Street. Red is such a powerful color that is used is so many ways. The red stop signs that beg us to "stop," the red "Sale" signs that lure us into to inspect the promise of deep discounts. Red is a fresh apple or a flushed face, a sultry hot lipstick, or a boiled lobster waiting to be dipped in melted butter.

I had a blast taking these photos and I look forward to your comments.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Assignment #1- The rocking chair (Chair and Chair alike)

This is the rocking chair that my mother used to rock me when I was a baby. I love the handcrafted, folk art look of this piece.

Welcome to Celestine's Vision

Welcome! My name is Griff and in case you are wondering Celestine is my beautiful cat. (Look for pictures through out the blog.) I'm also Mary's brother and Ruby, the superstar pug's uncle. I live in Boston with my partner and when we are not working we enjoy traveling through out New England and taking photos. We use an Olympus E-volt E500 digital SLR camera. We primarily enjoy photographing landscapes, architectural elements and up close flowers, berries and mushrooms.